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Inspiring Brand
According to Gallup,
actively disengaged
employees cost the
American economy
up to $350 billion per
year in lost productivity.
Engaged employees
generate profits 12%
higher than non-engaged
employees and are 18%
more productive, however
only about 30% of
employees are fully
engaged in their jobs.
Brand Advocacy
Brand advocates think, communicate, and act in support of a particular company and its brand identity. They are engaged and productive in what they do, and they play a critical role in the brand development process by naturally designing and delivering brand promises and experiences.
Brand advocacy is the result of coordinated brand and employee strategy. Marketing and communications techniques develop and align brand strategy across constituencies and touch-points, and HR management techniques make that strategy a reality.
Alignment drives action and amplifies existing resources to more effectively develop a relevant, differentiated, and authentic brand and a high-performance workforce.

Brand Advocacy builds employee engagement
and consequently amplifies brand messages
and experiences

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