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Inspiring Brand
People may appear
indifferent, disengaged,
frustrated, anxious, confused,
angry, or altogether absent.
Places may feel disjointed,
disorganized, unfocused,
unwelcoming, uncomfortable,
or even unsafe.
Systems, processes, or
overall practices may seem
ambiguous, uncertain,
ineffective, or confusing.
Brand and Workplace Challenges
Sometimes companies sense symptoms among their people, places and systems that are rooted in deeper disconnects.
Such pains are not only felt inside the company in the form of personnel and functional problems that damage the bottom line, but the dysfunction radiates outward and creates negative experiences for customers and other important constituencies, who, in turn, tell others about their negative experiences.
Underneath may lie a negative climate, unmet employee needs, or barriers to communication and collaboration. The company may lack appreciation for customer experience or the knowledge and skills to deliver it. Planning may lack vision, strategy, or leadership.
A coordinated brand and employee strategy can help, by treating the underlying cause, not the symptoms.


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